Davit Radiani


Tornike Bziava

Davit is one half of the sadistic duo that heads the Nagazi crime syndicate.

Along with his older brother Zurab, they oversee a sprawling heroin and weapons operation that affords them enough power to essentially control every politician and law enforcement agency in the country. When we first meet Davit, he’s serving time in Tkachiri Prison in Georgia for killing a DEA agent. In order to protect his family from his enemies, Davit forces his wife Ketevan and two children, Sandro and Nina, to live with him in the prison. Like any other prisoner, they occupy a cell. He’s affectionate with his daughter, but his language of love with Ketevan is cruelty and abuse. At one point, he even threatens to kill Ketevan, stating that he can easily raise the children on his own. In the middle of the extraction mission, Davit catches up with Tyler and Ketevan just as they’re about to pass through the coal chute. Davit beats Tyler with a pipe and nearly strangles Ketevan to death. The fight that ensues is ghastly and vicious. The maniacally controlling Davit will stop at nothing to prevent Ketevan from escaping. Tyler presses Davit’s face against a scalding hot furnace, but Davit persists. Tyler slices through Davit’s hand, but Davit persists. Davit is finally brought to heel when Tyler buries his combat knife into Davit’s neck. And as Davit ingloriously bleeds out from his neck, Ketevan whacks a shovel across his face for good measure.

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