Ketevan Radiani


Tinatin Dalakishvili

Ketevan is Davit’s wife and the mother of Sandro and Nina. She’s also the sister of Mia, who is Tyler’s ex-wife. Ketevan, along with her two children, are forced to live with Davit in Tkachiri Prison.

The bleak and perilous prison conditions are clearly no place to raise a family. Although Davit claims that Ketevan and the kids must live with him in the prison for their protection, it’s clear that they need protection from Davit himself. As a husband he’s demeaning and abusive, and as a father, he’s cruel and manipulative. At one point, Ketevan decides she’s had enough. Risking her life, she’s able to backchannel an extraction request Tyler.

When Tyler reaches her prison cell, Ketevan quickly gathers her two children and proceeds to follow the merc as he navigates the maze of prison corridors. She’s as tough as they come, maintaining her cool despite the life-threatening circumstances. Once they reach the coal chute, Ketevan quickly hands over each kid to Nik. When Tyler is about to lift her up, Davit ambushes them with a metal pipe. Ketevan is smacked in the face with the pipe, but the years of anger, rage, and abuse fuel her strength. As Tyler battles the psychotic Nagazin, Ketevan gets right back up and helps fight back. When Tyler lands a combat knife in Davit’s neck, Ketevan cracks the pipe across the demonic man’s face, ending his life once and for all.

In the aftermath of their escape from Tkachiri Prison, Ketevan will stop at nothing to protect her two children. They are the reason she initiated the extraction in the first place. To liberate them from the tyrannical rule of their violently immoral father. However, following Sandro’s betrayal, Ketevan is once again thrust into fear for her safety and that of her children.

The battle at the skyscraper in Donau-City Strasse is a pivotal moment in Ketevan’s fight for freedom. Tragically, she is unable to stop Sandro from running off to his uncle. But thanks to Tyler, Nik, and Yaz, Ketevan and her daughter are eventually brought to safety.

At Tyler’s cabin, Ketevan reunites with her sister Mia. The reunion is especially poignant considering that Ketevan’s daughter, injured during the extraction mission, can finally bear witness to the power and strength of her mother and her aunt. After Zurab is finally killed, Ketevan makes a deal with the Americans for safe passage.

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