Nik Khan


Golshifteh Farahani

At the start of Extraction 2 we find Nik in a whole new light. Rather than being on mission in some far flung location, she’s at the Dubai Hospital caring for her friend Tyler, who’s just been brought back from the dead. He’s more depressed than ever but Nik remains by his side, encouraging him to find a new purpose in life. Later, she gifts him a cabin in rural Austria, a cozy retreat on the lake surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Even though she always plays it close to the vest, it’s clear how much she loves and cares for her friend. She leaves Tyler alone, knowing that he has to face his inner demons on his own.

We catch up with Nik and Yaz in a luxury apartment on the Amalfi Coast. Back to what she doesbest, she’s on the phone arranging a weapons shipment to Seoul, informing the caller that herbrother Yaz will fly it out there himself. When she gets the call from Tyler about the newextraction job, she’s immediately down. The team is back together again.

From the start of the mission to extract Ketevan and her kids from Tkachiri Prison, Nik is dialedin, working in perfect sync with Tyler, Yaz, and the other mercs. Whether pulling the kids upthrough the coal chute, blowing open the prison gate for Tyler and Ketevan’s escape, orshowing up at St. George’s Church right when Tyler needed it, Nik brings her skills and courageto the moment.

During the car chase through the woods following the prison break out, Nik punches the SUV with grit and precision, providing backup to Tyler, who has to transport the family to the next exfil site. When they reach the industrial zone, Nik and Yaz position their SUV right in the line of fire so as to give Tyler, Ketevan, and her children a fighting chance to retreat. When these two siblings team up, any line of defense is possible. In the engine car of the cargo train, Nik clashes with two Nagazi soldiers at once, exhibiting remarkable skill not only in hand-to-hand combat, but in knife fighting. That poor Nagazi didn’t see it coming.

At the battle at the skyscraper in Donau-City Strasse, Nik transforms into a quick-thinking, fast-moving, non-stop fighting machine. With the Nagazi assault coming in from every angle, Nikproves once again that she’s one of the most unstoppable mercs in the game. Even when she’sknocked unconscious and nearly slips from the awning of the 75th floor, Nik manages to wakeup just in time to shoot the glass out from under Zurab’s feet.

By the time the climactic set piece begins, Nik has sacrificed more than she ever could have imagined. During the fight at the skyscraper, she loses her brother Yaz. One can only imagine the pain and grief she experiences in the horrific aftermath of that loss. But Nik presses through the anguish and saves Tyler just as Zurab is about to pull the trigger.

In the end, Nik is arrested along with Tyler. Handcuffed to a hospital bed, her body in shambles, we’ve never seen Nik look this low. But later, she’s eventually pulled from prison by Alcott and reunited with Tyler. The merc duo back together for their next extraction mission.

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