Tyler Rake


Chris Hemsworth

At the start of Extraction 2, we pick up with Tyler as he falls from the Sultana Kamal Bridge, a bullet in his neck and the will to live bleeding out of his soul as fast as the blood from his fatal wound. He crashes into the Buriganga River and sinks to the depths below, fully succumbing to his mortal fate. But later, he washes ashore, clinging to life against his will. He wants to die. He wants to be punished for his sins. But the universe has other plans for Tyler. Nik and Yaz, the closest people Tyler has to family, help their friend through his extensive physical recovery. They’re with him every step of the way as he rehabilitates in the Dubai hospital. And once he’s released, they provide a cozy cabin for him in the rural outskirts of Austria, a place for him to rest and recalibrate. Tyler is grateful for the assistance, but his spiritual suffering remains. He’s a man without a home, without a family, and without a purpose. Now that his body is broken, he can’t even work as a merc, the very job designed to bring him as close to death as possible. He finds some companionship with his pet dog and a pair of chickens that he rescues from a local market but it’s not enough to rid him of his past.

One afternoon, a chance at redemption comes in the form of Alcott, a mysterious man who Tyler finds on his porch one day. While we know nothing about Alcott (his name is never actually revealed in the film), he brings with him an opportunity that Tyler can’t turn down. The chance to extract Tyler’s ex-wife’s sister and children from the wretched clutches of her husband Davit, who also happens to be the head of the Nagazi crime syndicate. The family is locked up in a maximum security prison inGeorgia, which means he’s going to need his team. Tyler recruits his trusted fellow mercs Nik and Yaz, and together with the rest of the merc team, they conduct their most impossible extraction mission to date.

While the mission is successful, it’s not without life-altering consequences for Tyler. He rescues Ketevan and her children, but he loses Yaz along the way. It’s a gut-wrenching, soul-crushing blow to the otherwise battled-hardened mercenary. For the emotional win, he finally has the chance to find closure with his ex-wife. In what amounts to the most insurmountable battle of his life, he summons up the courage to admit that he was wrong for abandoning his family at the time of their son’s illness. It’s a pivotal moment for Tyler in his long and complicated personal journey, but the resolution brings him a moment of much-needed peace.

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