Yaz Khan


Adam Bessa

Yaz is the easygoing, wisecracking counterpart to Nik’s more serious and dispassionate demeanor. While we only get to know Yaz briefly in Extraction 1, he and his charming personality come into sharper focus in the sequel. Along with Nik, Yaz offers his compassion and sarcastic sense of humor to Tyler as he recovers from his near-fatal wounds following Ovi’s extraction.

We later catch up with Yaz in a luxury apartment on the Amalfi Coast. He’s watching a soccer match on his phone while Nik coordinates a weapons shipment to Seoul. When Nik gets the call fromTyler about the new extraction mission, Yaz doesn’t hesitate to join. He’s as fearless and loyal as they come, especially when it comes to his sister. Plus, he’ll never miss the chance to joke around with Tyler.

As Nik and Yaz drive the sprinter van toward Tkachiri Prison, he and Nik engage in their usual, heart warming banter. Yaz tells his sister that he got medical advice for his low blood sugar from TikTok. It’s an eye roll kind of moment for his big sister, who admonishes him for getting half-baked recommendations from a social media site. But as they reach the prison, they assume their positions.

Once Tyler breaks free of the prison with Ketevan and her family in tow, Yaz proves an indispensable part of the merc team. His daringness and marksmanship is on full display as he fires on Nagazi soldiers while hanging out the window of the SUV during the chases through the woods. His mad man courage evolves further as he and Nik come under heavy rocket fire at the industrial zone and later on the cargo train.

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