Zurab Radiani


Tornike Gogrichiani

Along with his younger brother Davit, Zurab rules the Nagazai crime syndicate. Zurab is egomaniacal, violent, domineering, quick-tempered, and loyal to a fault. He learned that lesson the hard way

After failing to stand up for his brother against some Armenian bullies, Zurab’s father beat him so extensively that he permanently damaged Zurab’s hearing. To this day, Zurab must wear hearing aids, a constant reminder of a cruel and tormented past. When Zurab learnsthat his brother’s prison sentence has been extended, he doesn’t hesitate to plant the spikes of a pitchfork into the Governor’s neck. It’s clear from this brazen action that Zurab is judge, jury, and executioner. Later, after he finds out about his brother’s murder and Ketevan’s extraction fromTkachiri prison, he assembles an elite squad of Nagazi soldiers to track down Tyler. His bloodthirst for revenge is so all-encompassing he’s willing to sacrifice anyone or anything to killTyler. When he confronts Tyler and the rest of the merc team in Vienna, he couldn’t care less how public their assault on the skyscraper is. And after Tyler manages to escape with Ketevan and the kids, Zurab’s pride is so damaged that it leads him to double down on his need to destroy theunstoppable mercenary. He’s willing to sacrifice every last one of his Nagazi soldiers to accomplish his annihilatory goal. Later, when Avtandil tries to convince Zurab that they shouldleave Austria while they have the chance, he kills his uncle rather than heed the man’s reasonable advice. And lastly, with his back completely against the wall, Zurab destroys every last shred of his humanity when he straps an explosive vest to his nephew in order to manipulate Tyler into disarming himself. The final moments of Zurab’s rotten existence occur in the form of a bloody battle with Tyler during which the two men dedicate every ounce of strength to killing one another.Much like his brother, Zurab breathes his last breath as Tyler buries a metal spike through the Nagazi’s heart. A bullet to the head from Tyler’s gun confirms that this demonic Nagazi will never live to terrorize another day in his life.

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