Airfield and St. George's Church

Extraction 2’s climactic set piece takes place across a small stretch of rural Austria that includes an unassuming private airfield and nearby St. George’s Church. Following their colossal defeat at the skyscraper in Donau-City Strasse, Zurab, Avtandil, and Konstantine retreat to the airfield. Zurab stews in defeat and ultimately kills his own uncle. Zurab then calls Tyler and essentially challenges him to a duel to the death. The fight kicks off when Tyler arrives through the cover of a nearby field and blows up Zurab’s private plane with his grenade launcher. Zurab and company book it out of the hangar and toward St. George’s Church. Tyler intercepts Konstantine and the two battle it out until Tyler drops the powerful Nagazi soldier. The relentless merc makes his way into the Church only to find Sandro wrapped in an explosive vest. Zurab forces Sandro to put a gun to Tyler’s head. When the boy fails to pull the trigger, Zurab grabs the gun and is about to end the merc’s life himself. But the sudden arrival of Nik upends Zurab’s control of the situation. And then, in a surprise twist, Sandro turns on his uncle with a well-timed push. Tyler seizes the opening and charges at Zurab, which begins their epic brawl. Punches land like dynamite and anything they can get their hands on becomes a weapon. At one point, Zurab not only buries a saw into Tyler’s wrists. Never one to be upstaged, Tyler grabs hold of a metal spike and buries it into Zurab’s heart, finally ending the Nagazi’s life.