Cargo train

The merc team and the family reach the cargo train after booking it through the industrial zone. As soon as it leaves the zone, it comes under heavy rocket fire from Nagazi Helicopters. In true Tyler fashion, he takes down a Nagazi Helicopter with a massive machine gun. Eventually, another Nagazi Helicopter manages to land a group of Nagazi Soldiers onto the moving train. Two of them charge the engine car and meet their early grave following a fierce close-quartered battle with Nik. The remaining soldiers manage to blow their way into the cargo train, but eventually get taken out by Tyler and Yaz. Tyler catches up with Nik in the engine car where they come under heavy fire from the Nagazi Helicopter. As Nik provides cover, Tyler races to the top of the cargo train and blows the Nagazi Helicopter out of the sky with a heavy machine gun. That’s when Tyler notices that the train is reaching the end of the line. But the brakes are out, so the merc team and the family are forced to brace for impact. Tyler secures the family but can’t strap himself in time. As the cargo train speeds off the tracks and flips into a roll, Tyler is thrown across the cargo container and spins along with the train. The adrenaline-spiked sequence ends with the train a crumbled mess of flaming metal cars.