Donau-City Strasse, Vienna, Austria

This urban-based set piece is initiated by Sandro’s betrayal. His secret call to his Uncle Zurab reveals the location of the merc’s skyscraper hideout in Donau-City Strasse. As Tyler and Sandro share a poignant heart-to-heart with one another, Tyler spots the imminent arrival of the Nagazi Helicopter. As they rush to prepare for the attack, the shark-like Nagazi Helicopter sneaks up on the merc team’s hideout and fires directly into the apartment, sending everyone sprinting for cover. A second Nagazi Helicopter delivers a payload of elite soldiers on the roof as the merc team and the family take the elevator down to the garage. Meanwhile, a group of Nagazi soldiers post up on the building’s lower terrace, loading their rocket launchers. Once they reach the garage, Sandro abandons his family to rendezvous with Zurab, where the two share a tense, but heartfelt reunion. Later, the Austrian Police arrive by SWAT and Helicopter, but each unit is blown to bits by the Nagazi rocket launchers. Nik and Yaz eventually rush back into the building to secure the Nagazi Helicopter on the roof as their exfil vehicle. Tyler, Ketevan, and Nina are close behind. Once inside, they’re met by heavy Nagazi resistance. Nik engages in a fierce hand-to-hand fight with a Nagazi Soldier on the roof. Tyler brings up Ketevan and Nina through the top-floor gym but they run into a scrum of gun-blasting Nagazi Soldiers. Meanwhile, Yaz rushes down the stairwell to provide backup, but halfway down he runs into AKA. The two of them go toe-to-toe, but in the end, Yaz takes a bullet to the chest. Back on the roof, Nik gets tackled unconscious onto an awning that’s 75 floors up. Tyler continues to push through the gym, adapting each piece of gym equipment as its own unique Nagazi death weapon. As he tracks Nik’s body slowly slipping off the awning, he fires through the glass window and then fires through the glass awning, grabbing onto her just as she’s about to plummet and then grabbing onto the steel frame of the awning just as he’s about to fall. Zurab steps onto the awning and is about to kill Nik when she suddenly wakes up and fires on the glass beneath his feet. The merc team and the family eventually reach the Nagazi Helicopter on the rooftop but not before Yaz takes two bullets to the back courtesy of Zurab. The helicopter takes off as Yaz clings to life.