David Harbour

Gaspar used to run mercenary ops with Rake, but is now a washed out, ex-mercenary living out his humble retirement on the margins of Dhaka society. He’s married to a local woman, and is not above taking jobs from Amir Asif. Given the chance, he loves to drink and reminisce about old times. When the opportunity to betray Ovi arises, he immediately seizes on it, much to Rake’s profound disappointment.

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I shot my first dove when I was ten years old. Have I told you this? It was when I was ten years old, my dad… My dad… The gun backfired, gave me a black eye, and my dad laughs at me.
That kid is a walking corpse. Asif will never let him live. Think the disgrace. I mean, you get him home. And then, what? His father’s in prison. There’s no way to protect him. You know the best thing you could do, honestly, would be to go up there right now and just go put a bullet in his brain. Make it painless. Cause the animals out there, they’re not gonna be as kind to him. They like to start with the ears. Then they cut off each finger at the joint. I’m talking about mercy, Tyler.

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