Golshifteh Farahani

In a world full of violent men, we find Nik, a soft-spoken, but fearless and, at times, ruthless mercenary. We don’t know much about her backstory, but whatever her origin story is, she’s strong, diligent, resourceful, and loyal to a fault. She also has a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and like her fellow mercenaries, she’s motivated by a big payday. Her relationship with Rake is complicated, but overall, she’s sympathetic toward the sullen Rake and the grief he carries.

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There’s a chicken in your bathroom.
This gangster, Amir Asif, he holds massive sway in Dhaka. You get your hands on this kid, it’s gonna get complicated.
You’re hoping if you spin the chamber enough times, you’re gonna catch a bullet.
Our new friend is Saju Rav. Ex-Special Forces. He works for the kid’s father. We were played.

Character Timeline