Ovi Mahajan Jr.


Rudhraksh Jaiswal

Ovi is your typical shy, awkward teenager in high school. He plays the piano when he’s nervous, but loves to hang out with his friends. He has a crush on the cute girl in his class, and is casually rebellious in terms of going to the bar and partaking in some light drug use. However, Ovi also happens to be the first born son of India’s most notorious drug dealing gangster Ovi Mahajan Sr. And for that reason, there’s a target on Ovi’s back.

While Ovi Mahajan, Sr. is in prison, Ovi has been left in the care of Saju, a soldier loyal to Ovi Sr.. Saju does everything he can to keep Ovi safe, but Ovi is nevertheless violently kidnapped outside of a local bar. Two men posing as police officer approach Ovi and his friend while they’re smoking a join outside, and in a flash, one of the officers executes the friend and then forcibly abduct Ovi.

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I’m like a package then. In brown paper.
He thinks of me the same way you do. More like a thing than a person.
My father, he kills people, too. Sometimes, I would sit with him at dinner, look at him and think, he just killed somebody else’s father that day. And I’d feel sick.

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