Tyler Rake


Chris Hemsworth

Tyler Rake is the personification of a sealed vault buried deep underground. While a highly-skilled mercenary who possesses extraordinary will power and strength, he is an emotional dead zone. He lives and operates within a narrow lane of a depressed existence, refusing to let others in on the quagmire that is his personal trauma. He’s ex-military with no family to speak of. His son tragically passed away at a young age from cancer, and his wife left him, a fitting abandonment for a father who so callously abandoned his family. Unable to face the pain of his son’s illness, Rake had voluntarily deployed on another mission to Iraq, leaving behind his wife and child to cope without him there. By the time he returned to the States, his son had died and his wife was gone, leaving Rake with nothing but the interminable thump of regret and self-loathing. In the wake of this unspeakable loss of self, Rake whittles away his days with excessive drinking and aimless activities.

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I like chickens, except when they shit everywhere.
I’m in survival mode.
I wasn’t even there… when he died.
I told you, mate, I’m not brave. I’m just the opposite.

Character Timeline

Need Year - Rake abandons wife and sick son for tour of Afghanistan

Need Year - Rake moves to a shanty in the Kimberly, Australia

2020 - Rake accepts extraction mission in Dhaka

2020 - Rake rescues Ovi from Grungy Dhaka Apartment

2020 - Rake shot in the neck on Kamal Sultana Bridge