Abby Conroy/Celeste Graham


Abby Conroy is the definition of a doting wife and loving mother. She’s sweet, kind, and compassionate, but has a sly sense of humor and isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in. Like Kyle, she’s an amnesiac who lost her memories in a car accident. She and Kyle meet at a memory treatment program and immediately hit it off. Shortly after they met, they got married and had a child, the ever-lovable Hendrix. Together, they build a beautiful and loving home in a house located in rural Oregon. And although the world around them feels like it’s constantly descending into chaos, their home functions as a kind of refuge for what really matters in the world.

Celeste Graham

As Abby’s story unravels over the course of the season, we discover that there’s a far more complicated side to the otherwise sweet wife and mother. Or should we say, sides. Through a flashback to a mission before the fall of Citadel, we learn that Abby was, in fact, a Tier-One agent for Citadel. Her name was Celeste Graham and she was Nadia Sinh’s best friend. Although we don’t know the details, Celeste at one point saved Nadia’s life during a mission. Celeste’s courage inspires Nadia to recommend Celeste for a promotion to Tier-One Agent. Brielle Celeste’s first deep-cover mission for Citadel was to infiltrate the Silje Brothers’ criminal operation in Amsterdam. Celeste assumed the alias of Brielle, a bohemian, guitar-playing singer-songwriter with a penchant for complex mathematics. Celeste successfully seduces Anders Silje, who is the mad genius behind the Oz Key, a technological device so powerful it could bring a country’s infrastructure to standstill with the flick of a switch. When the mission goes sideways, Mason interrogates Celeste over the missing OZ Key. Celeste maintains that she knows nothing about the Oz Key’s whereabouts, but Mason insists that she’s lying. He eventually threatens to launch a targeted missile attack at the apartment occupied by Celeste’s twin brother, a degenerate gambler with a money problem. The interrogation results in Mason secretly Backstopping Celeste. He gives her the name Abby and places her in a house in rural Oregon, thus laying the groundwork for their relationship following the fall of Citadel.

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A spy? You're a spy? Uh-huh. Christ, Kyle, you can’t even remember to put the toilet seat down. Now you're Jason Bourne?

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