Mason Kane/Kyle Conroy


Mason Kane is Citadel’s top Tier-One agent. While his relentless bravado might be off-putting to some, he’s Citadel’s go-to guy to see the most impossible missions through. No location is too impenetrable or villain too insurmountable for the one-and-only Mason Kane. Not one for small talk, Mason tends to lead with ego, sarcasm, and biting wit. His tough, inscrutable exterior is very much by design. The fewer people he allows in, the less likely he is to ever get hurt. However, his macho, emotionally aloof disposition is no match for the swell of feelings he has the first time he lays eyes on fellow Tier-One agent Nadia Sinh. From their meet-cute on mission in the Alborz Mountains to their final moments before the Fall of Citadel, it’s clear that these two are cut from the same high-octane cloth. They live and breathe the same cryptic spy language and edge-of-your-seat lifestyle, which forms the foundation of their romantic relationship with one another. But their love can only take their relationship so far. When their secrets start to surface and their true motivations take shape, Mason and Nadia are forced to confront the fraught entanglement of their multiple realities. But before they can work through their relationship drama, the unthinkable occurs. Citadel is compromised by a mole and the entire organization is brought to its knees by the sinister organization known as Manticore.

Kyle Conroy

In the immediate aftermath of the fall of Citadel, Mason Kane is Backstopped by Bernard Orlick. Mason thus ceases to exist, and instead, makes way for Kyle Conroy to take over both body and mind. Whereas Mason was brash, individualistic, and self-absorbed, Kyle is very much the self-sacrificing, all-loving family man. Shortly after returning to the States, Kyle connects with Abby, a fellow amnesiac, through a memory treatment program. They settle down in a rural home in Oregon where they raise their daughter Hendrix. Kyle is completely in the dark about his past as the world’s top superspy, but despite his wiped memory, he’s increasingly plagued by a lingering image of the woman we know as Nadia. It’s that mysterious image of Nadia and the desire to discover the truth of his past that ultimately motivates Kyle to join Bernard Orlick on an otherwise life-threatening journey into the belly of the Manticore beast. Ultimately the question that arises for Kyle is, even if he does defeat Manticore, will he ever be able to regain who he once was?

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I pursue. You flank. I don’t flank. I’m not a flanker.
I've lost everything I've ever cared about. I won't lose you.
You know how I ended up a spy? I was five years old and my dad died, and my mom left like I didn't exist. Now, Citadel gave me an identity. Not existing was an asset. They saw me. Then I met you... and I knew who I was. You already knew who you were. You had a mom and a dad. And a life. You became a spy so you could hide.
You once asked me, "Can you ever truly love a spy?" The question is, "Can a spy ever truly love?" And I can. Can you?
I was terrified of what I’d find. You know, no one came looking for me after the accident. Can you imagine how horrible I must’ve been to not have one single person come looking for me?
We get this case back, I get to keep you and Hendrix safe. And that's all I care about. That's all I care about, Abby.
We’re two guys in a van with a briefcase, Bernard. We’re the plot of Dumb and Dumber. What’s your big plan?
Hey... I'm on a plane headed for Valencia. I know that wasn’t the plan, but they're coming for me, and I can't come back or they'll find you too. The only person who can help me is in Spain, a Citadel spy. I have to find them to find a way out, to keep us safe. Just know that I love you, all right? Both of you. You’re all that matter to me.

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