Balduino Basto


Balduino Basto is the bald, burly and bombastic Portuguese crime boss who’s in charge of the Manticore black site where Carter Spence is being held captive in Fez, Morocco. Balduino loves a well-tailored suit and enjoys a stiff drink along with his cigar. He hates Nadia for having killed his brother, but he carries an affinity for Mason Kane. In reference to the Zippo lighter, Balduino reveals to Kyle for the first time that Mason was romantically involved with Nadia. Balduino further asks Kyle why he would continue to fight for Nadia considering that she was the one who sold out Citadel. He says that Nadia was a Manticore mole, or at least that’s what’s been rumored. The revelation rattles Kyle to his core.

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The Chief of Armed Forces? You might as well have asked me how to get between the legs of the Duchess of Cambridge.
Manticore had somebody working on the inside. It was your girl, Nadia. Or at least, that is what the whispers say. That bitch deserved to die.

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