Bernard Orlick


Bernard Orlick is Citadel’s resident tech guru as well as the agency’s go-to purveyor of sarcastic one-liners. When he’s not playing Candy Crush on his phone, Bernard is basically the man behind all of Citadel’s most advanced technology. But don’t let Bernard’s technical prowess make you think otherwise about his spy bonafides. He’s as powerful, courageous, persistent, and thoughtful as they come.

Following the fall of Citadel, Bernard alone shoulders the fate of the once global spy agency. His resilience and his inability to never stop fighting the good fight means that he’s all too ready to kickstart the rebirth of Citadel once he tracks down Kyle Conroy. Together with Kyle, they jump into action to retrieve the Citadel X Case from the Silje Brothers so that they can restore Kyle’s memories. With Mason back online, Bernard is confident that the other pieces will fall into place. But when Bernard’s plans go sideways and the Kyle’s Backstop vial is destroyed, Bernard is left clinging to the hope that Kyle will rise to the occasion.

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Well, you know, they do say a year away makes the heart grow fonder. Although that didn't happen with my ex-wife’s heart. Do you know that she had me living in a condo in Encinitas for an entire year? Do you know where that is? Encinitas?
Nothing more dangerous to a pervy, old man than red lips.
Oh, yes. I love this game. Okay, guys, we're gonna play a game. The rules are simple. Whoever guesses three distinctive features of an opponent's Secret Someone wins. I mean, it's pretty easy, right? Okay. Great. Here we go. I'll begin. Does your Secret Someone have... blonde hair?
Listen, 23andMe. You've been searching to find out who you are, right? What happened to you eight years ago? Well, look no further. We’re here to help you.
What you were was a myth. What you were... was Citadel.
You smiling? Don’t do that. Spies don’t smile.
Because the minute you went into that building and showed your face they knew you were alive. And right now every Manticore agent around the world is looking for you. And they're gonna follow you to Wyoming, and they're gonna kill you, and your wife and your daughter. That's why.
Why would you trust me? I gassed you and your family in a fucking car. I’m exceedingly untrustworthy. I'm a spy.
Listen to me. If you're wrong about her, this is not something that you can come back from. You can't. A spy can have 100 names, 100 faces, 100 identities, but you only get one soul.
Earrings are the gateway. Sometimes I just want to tuck her away and... put her someplace where no one can ever hurt her. When you have kids you do anything to keep them safe.

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