Carter Spence


Carter Spence is a Tier-One agent, but whereas Mason and Nadia are field agents, Carter is most at home running point on missions and developing new technologies for the Citadel from the comfort of Citadel’s HQ in Utah. He’s as loyal and committed to the righteous cause as the best of them. As Bernard Orlick’s protege, Carter works tirelessly to ensure that Citadel has the technological edge over the endless emergence of villains who threaten world peace.

When the fall of Citadel occurs, Bernard Orlick, Carter’s mentor, tasks Carter with hiding the X Case and creating backup memories for each of Citadel’s Backstopped Tier-One agents. Years later, when Kyle and Nadia find Carter locked away in a Manticore Black Site in Morocco, Carter calls out Nadia as the mole who took down Citadel. The explosive accusation rattles the scrappy Citadel team to its core, jeopardizing not only the mission to stop Manticore from acquiring the Dead Hand nukes, but also serving to undermine the already tenuous partnership between Kyle and Nadia.

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That left lung is filling up with blood, oxygen levels running low. And you’re also concussed. So, there's that.

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