Dahlia Archer


By day, Dahlia Archer is the United Kingdom’s elegant, well-mannered UK Ambassador to the United States, and by night, she’s a ruthless, enterprising, high-level Manticore operative willing to stop at nothing to reach her goal of obtaining the Dead Hand nuclear cores. She’s as comfortable at eating dessert for breakfast as she is torturing Citadel agents or threatening the family of the US Secretary of State. While her motivations to do what she does remain a mystery until the end, Dahlia epitomizes the unmerciful evil that dominates the world in a post-Citadel era.

When the X Case surfaces, Dahlia is quick to seize on the opportunity to acquire it. The chance to gain access to the codes for all the world’s nuclear weapons is too much to pass up. She orders Davik and Anders Silje to retrieve the case from a secure CIA black site in a shipping yard in Miami. Her plan is nothing short of world domination on behalf of the Manticore families who employ her as a broker. When Mason Kane, now Kyle Conroy, suddenly shows up at the Manticore HQ in New York City, Dahlia orders the Silje brothers to bring him in as well. As we’ll learn later in the season, Dahlia needs Kyle’s biometrics in order to gain access to the Russian Submarine. In addition to that, we also discover an earth-shattering secret that upends our entire understanding of who Mason Kane is and what role he has to play in terms of Citadel and Manticore’s global war.

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We've helped you before, so... now we're calling in our favor. So, what will it be, Harold? Shall we plant explosives on your daughter’s British Airways flight tomorrow as she flies home from Oxford? Or shall we abduct your wife and bury her alive in my rose garden? You tell me.
Let me be clear. I take great pride in Britain’s standing in the world, in the choices she's made. And let me say this, too. We will strike back in force against any entity that threatens our democracy. Whether that be hackers, a foreign government, or say... an agent of the press leading a dangerous misinformation campaign to further foreign state interests.
Let me make something clear. I am a broker for the families who run Manticore. So when something goes awry-- like someone stealing the X Case that we’ve been looking for for eight fucking years-- everybody puts a bounty on my head if I don’t fix it! How did the CIA manage to pry it from your fucking hands?!
But I’m an impatient woman-- the kind of woman who likes dessert for dinner.
For a century, you lot thought you were creating a new order. But spies cannot be saints. And your code isn't one that bettered you, but blinded you... to the horrors Citadel imparted.
You always had a gift of a silver tongue, Bernard. I admired you for creating a safer world. Until I found out, firsthand, that the most dangerous weapon of all wasn't nuclear arms or biological weapons. It was Citadel.
There's always repercussions for failure, my dear. The key is to adapt before they arrive. They can't kill what's already dead.
It's devastating to lose the person you love most. I woke up from a dream when the first explosion hit. He was next to me-- Thomas. Already in flames, I tried to put it out... They grafted from every part of me. Cut and sewed and patched. And it was like they, they reorganized me; randomized and different until I became another woman altogether, and yet this different woman still carries on the same awful memories.

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