Davik Silje


Davik Silje is one half of the brutal crime duo that is the Silje Brothers. Along with his brother Anders, Davik was the head of a multifaceted criminal operation based out of Amsterdam, Holland. However, after the fall of Citadel, Davik and Anders aligned their savage ways in service of Manticore.

By the time we catch up with them in the present day, they are working closely with Dahlia to torture and assassinate any and all threats to Manticore’s power. Once Dahlia learns that the CIA is in possession of Citadel’s infamous X Case, she tasks Davik and Anders to retrieve it by any means necessary. Although they successfully acquire the case, their attempts at breaking into it are thwarted by the unexpected arrival of Kyle Conroy, who they assume is Mason Kane. Ultimately, Davik’s partnership with Dahlia is only as strong as it is transactional. When Davik learns that Dahlia murdered Anders, he ends his partnership with Dahlia, seeking instead to use the Dead Hand nukes to gain a seat at the Manticore table.

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I want a seat at the table. Give me that and I give you your warheads. If not, you're gonna watch Manticore burn.

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