Gregor Yovanovich


Gregor Yovanovich is the nondescript Russian Manticore operative who has the inglorious task of informing Nadia Sinh that Manticore is simultaneously wiping out every Citadel agent around the world. On the luxury train in Italy, Gregor reveals the existence of Manticore for the first time and goes as far as showing Nadia the symbol of Manticore etched into his wrist. While he doesn’t survive the train explosion, Gregor will forever go down in history as the guy who was brave enough to introduce Manticore to the legendary Citadel agent Nadia Sinh.

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I think maybe you're outgunned? Long ago, you convinced yourselves of a lie. That you at Citadel are not agents, but angels. We waited a long time to wipe Citadel from the face of the Earth. And seeing you now, that, that... that look in your eyes? It was worth the wait.

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