Hendrix Conroy


Hendrix Conroy is Abby and Kyle Conroy’s daughter. She’s an eight year old with a passion for scarfing down pancakes and playing soccer. Unbeknownst to her, her father Kyle is a Backstopped Citadel superspy and the only world she’s ever known is under the control of the evil spy organization Manticore. When Bernard Orlick abducts Hendrix and her parents and brings them to the Lion’s Den Bunker, Hendrix is forced to grow up fast as the scary truth of this new world order starts to take shape. At one point, Bernard’s daughter Valerie, a teenager wise beyond her years, gifts Hendrix with a combat knife and promises to teach her how to use it. Rather than shy away from the offer, Hendrix embraces it full on, indicating that the innocent Hendrix of the recent past is no more.

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Some of the kids in school said that we’re gonna get bombed and there was a war. And people are gonna eat people, including me.

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