Nadia Sinh/Charlotte Vernon


Nadia Sinh is a born-and-raised Citadel agent. Her mother was Citadel so it seemed only right that Nadia would follow in her mother’s secretive footsteps. Next to Mason Kane, Nadia is one of Citadel’s most fearless Tier-One agents. She possesses an indefatigable strength and passion for fighting for what’s right and good in the world. Nadia meets Mason Kane for the first time while on mission in the Alborz Mountains. From the moment they lock eyes, their attraction to one another feels fated. Despite their high stakes job as spies for the world’s most powerful intelligence agency, the two grow to love one another. And more than anyone else in the world possibly could, they actually get one another. But sometimes mutual understanding isn’t enough to maintain stability, however much it might be underpinned by love. Just before the fall of Citadel, we learn that Nadia and Mason’s relationship was in ruins. The cutthroat world of espionage and the endlessly compulsive need for secrecy above all else finally brought their romance to the edge. Before we can learn what happened in their relationship, Manticore stages their global attack on Citadel, leaving Nadia and Mason fighting for their lives.

Charlotte Vernon

After Manticore’s surprise attack on Citadel spies around the world, Nadia, like Mason, is Backstopped. Once her memories are wiped, she’s compelled to assume the identity of her last working alias, Charlotte Vernon, or Charlie, for short. Directed by the mysterious writing on her arm, Charlie ends up in Valencia, Spain, where for eight years she establishes a new life as the manager of a high-end restaurant. But like Kyle, she is also plagued by the random memory of the man we know as Mason. It’s not until Kyle shows up at her restaurant in Valencia with the X Case in hand that Charlie is afforded the chance to restore her memories as Nadia Sinh.

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No, no, Gregor. It's a .22 Beretta aimed at your nuts. Now, if you’re careless enough to lose your wallet, you sure can't be trusted with all that uranium on a crowded train.
I’m homegrown. My mother was Citadel, I joined five years ago. Came up through Bravo Team.
Mommy has to go away for a while. But you'll be safe here, with Nana. This is gonna help protect you. And I'll be watching. Keeping all the bad guys away. Mommy loves you, Asha. I'll be back soon.
That wasn't a fucking interrogation, that was an assault on one of our own.

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