Athens Outdoor Cafe

At this sun-basked outdoor cafe, Nadia confronts Mason about his knowledge of Celeste’s Backstop. At first he denies knowing about it, but an infuriated Nadia presses him into finally telling the truth. Mason apologizes, admitting that he did it to protect Nadia. He reveals that he knows it was Nadia who took the Oz Key. In an impassioned plea for understanding, he tells her that he’s lost everything that he’s ever cared about and he’s not prepared to lose her. Now caught in her lie, Nadia reveals that she destroyed the Oz Key, arguing that no one – not the Silje Brothers, the Zani Family, or even Citadel – can be trusted with the power afforded by the Oz Key. Nadia demands that Mason restore Celeste’s memories, but in yet another twist, Mason admits that he wiped Celeste’s memories from the system so that the blame would always stay with Celeste.