Citadel Safe House

Following their fight with Davik in the upscale Valencian restaurant, Nadia and Kyle find refuge in a Citadel safe house located in Caceres, Spain. According to Nadia, this unassuming contemporary home located in the woods was once a part of a network of hundreds of Citadel safe houses around the world. While at the safe house, Nadia attends to Kyle’s bullet wound. As she stitches him up, Nadia asks Kyle about his wife, learning that they’ve been together for eight years and have a daughter named Hendrix. Kyle, in turn, asks Nadia about Mason, wanting to learn more about who he was. Nadia reveals that she and Mason had been together, but it was nothing more than a flash in the pan. Later, from the office in the house, Nadia sends a cryptic message to a mysterious recipient.