Luxury Train

This high-speed luxury train traverses the picturesque Italian Alps in the opening scene of the season. Affluent passengers are seated throughout the train cars, taking in the inspiring sight of the mountain range. Among the passengers are Nadia and Mason, who connect with each other for the first time in a year. We gather from the tone of their conversation that these two have a complex past with one another. Later, in the train’s dining car, Gregor Yovanovich reveals the existence of Manticore to Nadia, coldly informing her that Manticore is methodically assassinating Citadel agents around the world and that she and Mason are next. This is the start of the fall of Citadel. Of course, Mason and Nadia fight back, killing Gregor and his Manticore operatives, but not before Gregor detonates an explosive, blowing the train off its tracks. The train is the last time Mason and Nadia will see one another for eight years.