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Release Date: April 24, 2020

Directed by: Sam Hargrave

Written by: Joe Russo

Produced by: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo, Mike Larocca, Chris Hemsworth, Eric Gitter, and Peter Schwerin

Executive Produced by: Patrick Newall, Wang Zhongjun, Wang Zhonglei, Hu Junyi, Ari Costa, Todd Makurath, David Guillod, Steven Svavelli


Tyler Rake
Chris Hemsworth
Ovi Mahajan Jr.
Rudhraksh Jaiswal
Golshifteh Farahani
David Harbour



Tyler Rake, a fearless black-market mercenary, embarks on the most deadly extraction of his career when he's enlisted to rescue the kidnapped son of an imprisoned international crime lord.

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On an inauspicious day in Dhaka, we hard open on a battered, but fearless Rake as he fights his way across a bridge scattered with shot up and bombed out cars and buses. Decked out in the tattered ruins of his mercenary gear and armed only with a rifle, Rake seamlessly shoots down every soldier who steps in his way. Against all odds, Rake battles through this smoldering hellscape, one determined man against a violent army. That is until he gets shot in the neck. He immediately drops to the ground, blood gushing from his wound. But it’s not over for Rake as he finds cover behind a vehicle and reloads his rifle. Blood now pours from Rake’s mouth, and from this tenuous moment where Rake is on the brink of death, he flashes back to a gossamer memory of someone on a sunny beach…

As Rake’s life clearly hangs in the balance, we cut to an earlier time, where we pick up with three teenage boys in school uniforms as they blithely descend the steps of Hargrave International School in Mumbai, India. A stoic chauffeur dutifully holds open the door of a luxury black town car as the chattering boys step in.

The BMW pushes through a crowded Mumbai street as a Mercedes trails right behind. In the back seat of the car, the boys joke around, oblivious to their surroundings. 

At a sun-soaked cafe, the two boys encourage the third, Ovi, to introduce himself to a girl sitting at a nearby table, asking her if she’d like a coffee. Ovi bashfully says no.

Later, the cheerful friends are back in the car, laughing over something they’re watching on their phones. These are the salad days of youth. 

But the joy quickly fades. A gloomy Ovi stands in front of his house, a fortified mansion, ruefully watching his friends get driven off. He sulks toward the entrance.

Ovi quietly removes his shoes and heads down the long hallway. As he passes a conference room, Saju, a scowl across his face, opens the door and asks him where he’s been. Ovi says that he’s been with friends, but Saju scolds him, telling him that his father commanded him to come straight home after school. 

Ovi plays the piano in the parlor. It’s a lonely affair, and a far cry from the happiness he felt hanging out with his friends.  

Adding insult to injury, Ovi sits alone at the dining room table, in partial darkness, a cold glass of juice in hand. A silent maid brings him a plate of dinner. 

Ovi now sits alone on his bed when his phone buzzes. It’s a text from his friend Sachin. Ovi texts back that Saju has left for the night, and that he’ll meet them at the club in 30 minutes.

The nightclub is crowded with the trendy youth of Mumbai. Music blasts and colorful lights sway. Ovi’s at the bar having a drink with a friend when Sachin walks up and asks if Ovi has spoken to the girl yet. Ovi looks over, the girl on the other end of the bar, but he’s still nervous to approach her. His friend suggests they step outside, saying he has something that might help boost Ovi’s confidence. 

Outside the club, in a junk-filled alley, Ovi smokes a joint with Sachin. A pair of high beams hit them. A car pulls up and two police officers step out. Ovi ditches the joint. The vicious officers ask if the joint is theirs. The terrified boys deny it. The officer shifts gears, tells them to relax and then in a flash pulls out a gun and executes Sachin point-blank. They slam Ovi against the wall, toss a sack over his head, and drag him toward the car.

Later, Saju meets with Ovi Sr. in the visiting room of Mumbai Central Prison. Ovi Sr. berates Saju over what happened to Ovi, declaring that Amir Asif kidnapped his son to humiliate him. A distraught Saju suggests that they can negotiate, but an enraged Ovi Sr. tells Saju to go to Dhaka and steal his son back. And for the cherry on top of that imperious command, Ovi Sr. threatens Saju, and worst of all, Saju’s son

At Saju’s home, Saju’s wife Neysa is annoyed and scared, says that Ovi Sr. should get his own son back. An anguished Saju looks longingly at his son playing with toys outside. Neysa says that these men are animals, but Saju whispers that he has a difficult play in mind. Neysa ultimately implores him to do whatever it takes. 

In the Kimberly, Australia, Rata and Koen speculate how high the cliff is above the water. A sleeping Rake lounges nearby. Koen assures Rata that Rake is okay as Rake wakes with laughter. Rake takes a deep breath and sits up, chugging a bottle of beer. He hands the bottle to Koen, stands up and casually walks off the cliff, plummeting into the water below. He sinks to the bottom where he assumes a cross-legged position. He just sits there, looking up. Consumed by pain. He flashes again to a memory of the beach, this time we see a child in the water, and the hand of an adult reaches out to grab the boy’s hand. Back to Rake, still sitting underwater. 

Later, Rake pulls up his truck in the dirt driveway of his rural shanty. He spots Nik on the porch. Nonplussed by the visitor in this off-the-grid location, he reaches down to pet his dog. 

Rake and Nik enter the shanty. Nik immediately points out the chicken in his bathtub. This place is a dump. Rake says he likes chicken. Nik tells him they’ve landed a whale of a job. Indian kid, son of a drug lord, being held by a rival gangster in Dhaka. Rake mentions Gaspar, but Nik says he’s out of the game. Nik says the clock is running at 16 hours, with the deadline Friday at noon. As she downloads this intel, Nik gently attends to Rake’s head wound with a napkin. As much as Rake can call anyone a friend, seems like Nik fits the bill.

Rake agrees to take the job, gets up and pours himself a drink. Nik says the gangster Amir Asif holds massive sway in Dhaka, and that it’s going to get complicated. A dispassionate Rake pops a valium and swallows it down with whiskey. Nik is clearly disturbed by the state of Rake’s well-being, and presses him on why he would take this job. Rake coldly responds that he needs the money. Nik says that she’ll meet him at Fitzroy Crossing tomorrow morning, and tells Rake that the boy’s name is Ovi Mahajan. She leaves and takes off in her helicopter

Saju is in the car with his wife. They share a silent, tearful goodbye. He gets out and walks toward a propeller plane. 

Outside Dhaka City Limits, Yaz provides a breakdown of the extract. He refers to Amir Asif as Dhaka’s very own Pablo Escobar. Nik comments that this conflict between Amir and Ovi Sr. pits the biggest drug lord in India against the biggest drug lord in Bangladesh. Yaz comments that a boat will be their extraction point. He explains that Jose and Thiago will man the boat, and ferry them nine miles down the river to an exfil chopper. 

In Dhaka, Bangladesh, Rake sits at an outdoor table, observing the chaotic urban surroundings. He gets a call from one of the kidnappers Kalam on his cell, asking Rake if he sees the laundry across the street, tells him to walk to it. Rake does what he’s told when a van suddenly pulls up. Someone drops a hood over Rake’s head and they push him into the van. 

We’re now inside a grungy Dhaka apartment. Kalam demands the ransom money. Rake counters, asking for proof that Ovi is alive. At one particularly tense point, Rake grabs one of the guys and rips the joint from his hands. Everyone instantly points their guns at Rake as he casually takes a hit. Kalam places a pistol against Rake’s head and pulls the trigger, it’s empty. Finally, Kalam opens a bedroom door, revealing Ovi tied to a chair. 

The captors lead Rake, hood on, out of the apartment and down the stairs. A sniper, G, one of Nik’s mercs, blows open the head of one of the captors from a nearby rooftop. Rake quickly and expertly kills the remaining captor in the stairwell.

We return to the remaining captors in the grungy apartment watching TV. There are several loud knocks on the door. Kalam goes to answer it when Rake shoots him through the door. He then kicks open the door and fires on the remaining captors. 

Outside of the apartment building, other bad guys hear the gunshots and start to mobilize with weapons. G methodically snipes them from the rooftop. 

Back in the apartment, Rake continues to disable and kill the remaining captors. Rake finally frees Ovi and they make their escape. When they make it outside, Rake guides Ovi into the trunk of a car. 

We’re now atop a slum rooftop where we find a menacing Shadek grabbing a young boy from the group. Shadek drags him across the rooftop and throws him over the side of the building. Amir Asif indifferently looks on as he takes a sip of Orange Soda. Shadek asks again about who took the money. He grabs another boy when Farhad intervenes, saying he knows who took the money– Sanjib, the boy who was just thrown off the roof. This catches Amir’s attention, he calls Farhad over, telling him that he’s clever. Amir hands Farhad a knife, demands that he cut off two of his fingers as the debt that’s owed by the boy who was just thrown off the roof. As Farhad considers this, the Colonel approaches, informing Amir that Ovi has been taken. Amir tells the Colonel to close the city, all ways out. 

Rake pulls the car up to an abandoned mill, lets Ovi out of the trunk. Rake hands Ovi some camouflage to put on. As Rake takes off his shirt, Ovi takes in the sight of Rake’s tattoos and wounded back. Rake hands Ovi a protein bar to increase his blood sugar. Rake connects with Nik over comms, who tells him that Alpha team is in position with the boat. Rake places a bulletproof vest over Ovi, and then records Ovi saying his name and his birthday. 

Rake and Ovi race through the woods, proceeding to the extraction point. Back in the Presidential Suite, Nik oversees command of the extraction mission. The satellite is online and Rake and Ovi are en route. Rake and Ovi continue to sprint through the woods.

Jose and Thiago, the other members of the extraction team, prep the boat, waiting for their arrival. 

Yaz tells Saju that they’re sending proof of possession and that he has seven minutes to transfer the funds. 

As G assumes his position in the woods near the boat, an alarm starts going off in the boat’s engine room. Thiago asks G to be his eyes as he goes to check it out. 

The Colonel tells Amir that every bridge in and out of Dhaka has been closed, and that he has teams combing the Buriganga as they speak. Amir tells Shadek that he likes Farhad, and to give him a gun, put his fingers to work

Rake and Ovi continue to book it through the woods. Ovi is breathless, but Rake says they have to keep moving. 

Thiago and Jose check out what’s going on in the engine room. They spot a punctured pipe blasting steam. They walk over to assess the damage.

Back in the Presidential Suite, a tech says that Rake is five minutes from the boat. Yaz asks about the transfer but it hasn’t been completed. Meanwhile, someone sneaks up behind Thiago, clasps a hand over his mouth and stabs him in the neck. 

An anxious Nik plays with stress balls as she paces the suite. The transfer still isn’t complete so she tells Yaz to call them back and say they have only 60 seconds to make the transfer. Or they’ll find the boy’s body floating in the Buriganga. 

Back on the boat, Jose gets shot in the head from behind. The killer, wearing a full face cover, emerges from the engine room. 

Yaz tries calling again, but now realizes they’re getting played. Nik contacts G over comms, who confirms his position. Then tries Thiago, but gets no response. G checks out the boat through his scope. Nik tells Rake that something is wrong and to hold his position. 

G says that he hasn’t seen the guys come back up yet and that he’s moving in for a closer look. As he stands up he’s shot down from behind. 

The Colonel’s soldiers, riding on a boat up the river, radio in that they think they’ve found something. One of Nik’s techs calls her over, shows her the fast-approaching police boats. Nik tells Rake about the inbound police boats. 

The masked killer delivers a kill shot to G’s head. Nik tells Rake that there’s someone else in the woods about 100 meters out and closing in on his position. 

Rake starts moving into position to prepare for an attack. The killer moves through the woods, steps on a branch, which provokes a couple of birds to fly skyward. Rake spots the flying birds. 

We cut back and forth between the killer and Rake as he continues to scan the woods. The killer raises his sniper rifle, Rake tells Ovi to go fast and stay low. Then they book it with the killer in pursuit. 

The police boats arrive at the exfil boat and board it. The tech announces that the police have found the boat. The police call in air support to help comb the woods. Nik tells Rake that his exfil chopper is inbound.

Rake and Ovi continue sprinting through the woods. The killer fires on them, eventually removing his face mask to reveal that it’s Saju. Saju calls out to Ovi, says that he’s going to take him home. Ovi is about to run over but Rake holds him back. Saju and Rake both take notice of the chopper flying overhead. Saju says he won’t hurt the boy. Rake takes out a grenade and tells Ovi to run like hell and if he doesn’t, he’s going to kill Ovi and Saju. Rake throws the grenade and as it explodes, he and Ovi make a run for it. Saju pursues. Rake and Ovi arrive back at the car. Rake fires at Saju, who finds cover behind a brick wall. Saju fires on Rake’s car as it drives off. 

Rake speeds the car through the dirt roads of this small village. Two cop cars cut him off, forcing Rake to kick the car into reverse. The cops pursue and fire on Rake as he drives backward. Rake and Ovi yell at one another as they try to figure out what’s happening. Rake claims that Saju is just going to turn Ovi back over to the guys who kidnapped him, and that the police can’t be trusted. Rake tells Ovi that if he wants to live he has to trust him. Rake tells Nik that his radio has been compromised and that she should call his SAT phone. Nik calls his phone and tells him to turn right onto the bridge. Rake continues to speed through the dirt roads with the cops in pursuit. Saju is in one of the cop's cars and takes out two of the cop cars, continuing his pursuit of Rake. Nik tells Rake to make a left up ahead. Rake fires on a cop car as he backs up and makes the left turn. Rake announces that he’s in survival mode and tells Ovi to put his seatbelt on. Rake kicks the car into reverse, smashing into an oncoming cop car. Saju is injured in the crash as he spills out of the driver’s seat. 

The police pursue Rake and Ovi into a nearby building, passing through apartments filled with stunned tenants. We track one cop as he makes his way down an exterior hallway. Rake ambushes him, swatting away the cop’s rifle and stabbing the man in his neck repeatedly. 

Rake takes a step down the hallway when he grabs the rifle of another cop, kicking off a close hand-to-hand fight with three cops who suddenly converge on him. With nothing but fists and a pistol he takes out the three guys. Amidst the fight, Ovi makes a run for it down the hallway. 

Ovi runs into an apartment, screaming for help from a pair of shocked tenants. Ovi throws what he can at the cop who’s followed him inside, then continues running through the apartment. But to no avail as the cop grabs hold of Ovi, dragging him along the floor. But Ovi fights to get free and books it out of the apartment. The cop follows but is immediately shot in the face by Rake who’s waiting right outside. 

Rake takes out several more officers. He and Ovi book it down the hallway and run up the stairs to the roof. On the roof, they spot a chopper flying overhead. Rake literally throws Ovi from the rooftop to the rooftop of a nearby building, and then leaps over as well. 

Rake and Ovi run downstairs. Rake kicks in an apartment door and they maneuver through the apartment, out through the back, and down the stairs. Rake kicks open another door and they pass through to an exterior hallway. As they turn, Rake is ambushed by Saju. They each struggle to get the upper hand, with Saju at one point headbutting Rake. Rake throws his weight into tossing Saju over the edge of the building, and they both plummet to the ground, with Saju smacking into a truck and Rake landing smack onto the pavement. 

Rake and Saju both struggle to get up. Rake grabs the gun just as Saju swipes at him with a knife. Rake pulls out a knife as well, and the two engage in a knife fight in the middle of a busy street. Rake eventually disarms Saju and is about to go on the offensive when he gets slammed by a car. Saju, arm sliced up and bleeding, reaches for a gun on the ground. Armed soldiers grab hold of Ovi, but Saju shoots and kills the three of them. Saju grabs Ovi and starts dragging him away when he’s suddenly slammed into by a truck. Rake is in the driver’s seat and pops open the door for Ovi to get in. 

Rake drives the truck through the crowded streets, attempting to evade the police officers closing in from behind. Rake pushes Ovi out of the truck and jumps out along with him. The truck hits a car up ahead, falls to its side and explodes.

Amir and the Colonel ride in the backseat of a luxury vehicle when the Colonel receives an update over his walkie that the truck has crashed and exploded. Amir wants to see the bodies. 

As the crowd builds around the truck, Rake and Ovi make their escape, Saju grabs at his gun as he limps toward the truck. He steals a walkie from a dead police officer.

The Colonel informs Amir that Rake and Ovi are still alive but that one of them is seriously injured. Amir gives the Colonel a picture of Rake and says he wants every gun in Dhaka pointed at Rake. 

Rake and Ovi find refuge in a dingy warehouse office. Rake dry swallows some painkillers while Ovi gets himself a cup of water. Ovi helps Rake wrap Rake’s bloody arm. Rake gets a call from Nik. Nik tells him that “their new friend” is Saju Rav, ex-special forces, who works for Ovi’s father. Nik says that they were played, the second money transfer never came through, Saju wanted them to do the heavy lifting and stiff them on the bill. Nik says the whole extraction team is dead and that the city’s on lockdown. She explains there’s a clearing on the east side of the Sultana Kamal Bridge. They can have a chopper to exfil him when there. It’s only four kilometers away. But she tells Rake that he has to leave the kid behind. This triggers in Rake a quick flashback to the beach. Ovi asks if Rake is going to leave him in the street. Rake says he still wants his money. Ovi reveals that he plays the piano when he’s nervous, something that his father hates. Ovi says that his father thinks of him the same way Rake does, more as a thing than as a person. Rake expresses remorse for making Ovi think that. Ovi assures him that it’s okay.

A bloodied and injured Saju limps his way into a hotel. The receptionist is stunned at the gruesome sight of Raju’s bloody face. In a hotel room, Saju examines his bloody face in the mirror, keying in on his broken nose. He cracks his nose back into place, screaming from the pain of it all. 

Neysa gets a call from Saju. He tells her that if she doesn’t hear from him in the next 12 hours that she should take the cash and go, disappear. Neysa says she understands and asks if he’s okay. Saju says he’s fine, just tired. Saju asks to speak with their son Aarav. Saju speaks with his son, says he’ll be home soon, and that when Aarav wakes up in the morning he needs to help his mother. Aarav says he will. Saju says he will always love Aarav. 

Rake gets a call. Nik says that they got him a chopper, and that they’ll meet him on the east side of the bridge. Rake grabs Ovi, gets them on the move. 

Rake finds an unlocked car. They get in and he tries to hotwire it with a screwdriver. A motorcyclist appears in the alley. Rake tells Ovi to run. The biker accelerates as he fires his assault weapon at the van. Ovi finds cover as Rake runs and leaps through the back windshield of the van. Rake neutralizes the biker by throwing a metal rod through the front wheel. The biker crashes into the ground. We realize now that a kid was the one firing the gun. Rake removes the chamber from the weapon then looks up and sees Farhad leading a crew of armed teenagers his way. They start firing on him. Rake tosses a smoke grenade. Farhad and his crew step into the cloud of smoke. Rake slams a van door on one of the kid’s arms, dropping him instantly. Two other kids take on Rake with a sword and stick. He punches one in the stomach, instantly dropping him. He easily takes down the others. Farhad attacks with a knife, giving it every ounce of brutal aggression, but Rake smashes his head into a car door window. The smallest member of the crew picks up a gun, aims it right at Rake. As Farhad approaches with a knife, Rake grabs Farhad by the wrist and yanks his arm away as he also swipes out the other kid’s feet. Rake elbows Farhad unconscious. Over a megaphone, the Colonel tells them that they’re surrounded. Rake and Ovi book it down an alley as a chopper scans the area from above and a police car speeds down another alley. 

Rake and Ovi drop into a sewer passageway. They duck down and wade their way through the rank sewage water. When they reach a grate above, Rake calls Nik, tells her to call Gaspar. Nik refuses, but Rake says that Gaspar owes him his life. Rake takes a seat and grabs at his bleeding arm wound. Ovi asks Rake if his name is Tyler, then introduces himself as Ovi. 

Gaspar, wearing sunglasses at night, drinks a beer while driving a car and listening to rap music. He pulls up at the grate, and helps Rake and Ovi out. He hides them in the back of his station wagon, then drives off. 

At Gaspar’s safehouse, Rake and Gaspar share a stiff drink at the table. Gaspar tells Rake that he told Nik that an extraction is not feasible, the city is surrounded by rivers. And all bridges going in and out are blocked by roadblocks. He suggests that they lie low for a couple of days, let the panic dissipate. Gaspar gives Rake a home-cooked meal, says his wife made it. 

Meanwhile, at Amir’s Mansion, one of Amir’s men walks Farhad through a party and into an opulent dining room. Amir’s guy presents Amir with a severed finger. It’s Farhad’s. Farhad apologizes for losing Rake in the market. Farhad says the finger is a gift so that when Amir catches Rake, Farhad can be the one to pull the trigger. Amir invites Farhad to take a seat at the table. Farhad says that Rake made him feel like a fool. Amir offers Farhad a word of advice, telling him to keep his other finger because no matter how badass he is, there’s always someone bigger out there. 

We’re back at Gaspar’s safehouse where Rake brings Ovi something to eat. Ovi tells Rake that if Rake had been killed today, it would have been Ovi’s fault. Rake assures him that it would’ve been his own fault. Ovi jokingly tells Rake that he looks like a Brad, not a Tyler. Ovi asks Rake if he was always brave. Rake says he isn’t brave. Ovi speaks of his father, how his father kills people and how it makes him feel sick. Ovi asks if Rake has a family. Rake says that he did have a family, but hasn’t seen his wife in a long time and that his son died a few years ago from Lymphoma at the age of six. Rake starts crying, saying he wasn’t there when his son died. Instead, he was in Kandahar, Afghanistan, on his third tour. He says he wasn’t called away, but left voluntarily because he couldn’t watch his son die. Rake says he’s the opposite of brave. Ovi says you drown not by failing into the river, but by staying submerged in it. Ovi says he read that in a book in school. 

Rake hears a car pull up. He looks through the window and finds Gaspar stepping out of his vehicle. Later, Gaspar and Rake are getting drunk. Estancia Los Chanares, Gaspar says, the best dove hunting in Argentina. You just lie in this pool and they just fly around, and you shoot them and then sip a Cuba Libra. Gaspar says he shot his first dove when he was ten years old. The gun backfired and gave him a black eye. His dad laughed at him. Gaspar says Ovi is a walking corpse, and that Amir will never let him live. Gaspar goes on to explain that Ovi’s father is in prison so there’s no way to protect the kid. Says the best thing Rake can do right now is put a bullet in the kid’s brain, make it painless; the animals out there won’t be as kind to him, they will torture the kid. Gaspar asks Rake if he knows how much Ovi is worth. Says there’s a price tag of ten million on his head, tells Rake to act like a mercenary. Gaspar says he’s sick of the mercenary life, and doesn’t want to end it playing hero on a suicide mission. 

Rake says he thought Gaspar was going to help him. Gaspar says he will, that he’ll get Rake paid and that he’ll take care of the kid’s body. Rake asks if Gaspar has called anyone. Gaspar hesitates to respond. Rake strikes Gaspar in the nose, drawing blood. A fight breaks out in the kitchen. Gaspar tells Rake he has no idea what will happen to him and his wife if Amir finds out; says that he’s done work for Amir in the past. Gaspar says he made a deal with Amir, that if he gets the kid, Rake gets his freedom, and they both get rich. Gaspar says he’ll shoot the kid in the head. Gaspar: You saved my life once, now I’m going to save yours. He tells Rake to step aside, but Rake goes on the attack. They engage in a close-quartered hand-to-hand fight. Gaspar gets the upper hand, throws Rake to the ground, straddles him, and is about to impale him with a table leg when Ovi appears with a gun in hand. Gaspar puts down the table leg and gets up, approaches Ovi, but a defiant Ovi shoots Gaspar in the chest twice. Gaspar falls into the armchair, fighting to breathe as he bleeds out, and dies. Ovi agonizes over the murder, starts crying, says he wants to go home, then embraces Rake, who assures him that they’ll get him home. Later, Saju gets a call. It’s Rake, saying he’s got the boy and needs his help. 

It’s dawn in Dhaka. We now find Rake and Ovi inside a car waiting for Saju. Rake gets out of the car, approaches Saju, whose arm is in a sling. Rake drops a duffel bag of weapons in front of Saju. Rake says all he wants is to get Ovi out of Dhaka safely. Saju says Ovi’s father was going to kill his family if he didn’t get Ovi back. Rake says his people are waiting for him on the other side of the Sultana Kamal Bridge. Rake says he’ll draw the blockades away from them so they can make their escape. 

Ovi calls out for Rake, but Rake just says he’ll see him soon, then enters a building. Meanwhile, Saju loads the car and tells Ovi to get in. 

We’re now on a busy street in Dhaka with soldiers looking for Rake and Ovi. Rake, armed with his rifle, works his way through a building. From the second floor, Rake loads a grenade launcher as he nods to Saju in the car down below. 

A solemn Saju asks Ovi if he trusts Rake. Ovi says he does. Rake fires the grenade on a car down below, blowing it up. He reloads and fires again. Then takes his assault rifle and fires on the soldiers. Saju plows the car through the blockade as Rake takes fire. The soldiers fire a rocket into the apartment, sending Rake to jump for cover. As the soldiers come up the stairs, he fires on them with a handgun. 

Saju stops the car, no longer able to pass. He tells Ovi to get out, they’ll have to proceed across the bridge on foot. 

At Amir’s Mansion, Amir asks the Colonel if there’s been any sign of the boy. Amir, looking out toward the explosions through binoculars, says they haven’t seen the boy, but they have spotted Rake. 

Rake continues to take out soldiers as he makes his way out of the building. He throws a grenade just as a group of soldiers approaches the staircase. 

As Yaz and Nik speed down the highway, Nik reaches for a rocket launcher

Saju and Ovi continue to make their way across the crowded bridge. A discerning soldier spots them and yells at them to stop. They finally stop and the soldier asks Ovi to remove his hat. Saju tells Ovi to do as the soldier says. The soldiers pull their weapons, but Saju is faster, blasting them away with his assault rifle. Everyone starts to scatter as Saju and Ovi book it across the bridge. Saju and Ovi find cover behind a truck, where Saju tells Ovi to stay there. Saju pulls away from the truck, firing on the soldiers. Saju throws a grenade at a nearby truck, taking down more soldiers. Saju throws another grenade, takes out even more soldiers.

Back at Amir’s Mansion, Amir looks at the destruction on the bridge and orders the Colonel to send two more units to the bridge. 

Rake makes his way out of the building, expertly firing on more soldiers. A military helicopter flies over the river, heading toward the bridge. 

Saju and Ovi continue to run across the bridge. Saju gives Ovi a walkie talkie and sends him inside a bus for cover. Saju is going to draw them away from Ovi. The helicopter arrives overhead. Saju fires on the helicopter, which fires right back. 

Nik and her crew arrive at the other end of the bridge and start taking out soldiers. Nik grabs a rocket launcher and moves in. Meanwhile, Rake fires on more soldiers as he attempts to approach the bridge.  

The helicopter descends, depositing the unit of soldiers on the bridge. Saju comms with Rake, telling him he needs him on the bridge. As Rake attempts to keep moving, a military vehicle approaches, firing on Rake. Rake finds cover in a produce market. 

Nik and the other mercs take position on the bridge. Nik fires the rocket launcher, striking the helicopter and sending it exploding into the bridge. Amir observes this ongoing destruction through his binoculars

Back in the market, the soldiers make their way inside. Rake throws a flash grenade, sending them running. He takes out the soldiers with his handgun and in hand-to-hand combat. Rake kills the gunner of the military vehicle and then pops two grenades inside the vehicle, booking it as they explode inside. 

Back on the bridge, Saju kills more soldiers. Rake arrives at the bridge, killing soldiers as well. Saju tells Rake that Ovi is halfway across the bridge. Nik asks Yaz where he is. Yaz, flying the chopper, says he’s two minutes out. 

Rake kills more soldiers as he continues to take fire. Saju gets tackled by a soldier. Ovi watches from the bus. Saju blows the guy’s brains out. A soldier fires on Saju, who’s still down on the ground, but Saju fires back. He kills the soldier, but gets hit. Ovi exits the bus and continues to run across the bridge. Saju stabs a soldier, uses the man’s body to shield him from another soldier, and then stabs that soldier in the neck as well. Saju picks up the soldier’s rifle and is about to move when he’s shot in the head. Reveal the Colonel with a sniper rifle stationed in a building nearby.

Yaz is about to land the chopper when his co-pilot takes a shot to the head. Yaz aborts the descent. On the bridge, another merc gets taken out. Rake starts making his way across the bridge when we see that the Colonel has him in his sight. Nik, meanwhile, sets up position to track the Colonel. Rake kills more soldiers. Nik continues to scan the area for the sniper. Ovi continues to run across the bridge. Rake walks past Saju’s body, continues moving, kills more soldiers. Nik continues scanning for the sniper. The Colonel takes a shot on Rake, hits him in the shoulder. The Colonel is about to deliver the kill shot when Nik finally spots him and shoots a bullet through his head. 

Rake, down on the ground, struggles to stay conscious. He reloads his weapon as blood pours from his mouth. He flashes back to the beach scene. Then Ovi arrives. Ovi takes Rake’s hand, it’s emotional. Rake tells Ovi to run toward the helicopter. Nik and another merc make their way across the bridge. Rake repeats to Ovi that he needs to run. A reluctant Ovi finally books it across the bridge as Rake stands up, armed with a rifle and grenade launcher. Nik gets hold of Ovi. Rake fires on the soldiers, killing more of them. He turns back toward the other end of the bridge, starts stumbling his way toward Nik when he takes a shot in the neck. He grabs at the wound as blood pours out of his mouth. We have finally caught up to the teaser. Rake drops to the ground and crawls toward the edge of the bridge. Nik fires on Farhad, the one who shot Rake. Farhad jumps for cover. Rake and Nik share one last look; Ovi is crying. Rake flashes back to the beach, except this time it’s no longer blurry. We finally see his child in focus. Rake lets himself fall off the bridge and drop into the river. Nik and Ovi both take that in, devastated. They get in the helicopter and take off. Amir watches them fly off, pissed as hell. Farhad looks over the bridge, but there’s no sign of Rake. 

We catch up eight months later with Ovi walking out of school, looking all kinds of depressed. We then intercut with Amir, who stands over a party scene. Ovi climbs the stairs of a high diving board. Amir is in the bathroom, stands at a urinal. Someone stands beside him. Amir looks over, and finds Nik, dressed in a gorgeous black gown. Ovi stands at the edge of the diving board. Nik fires a silencer point blank into Amir’s head. Ovi steps off the diving board, dropping straight into the pool. Nik leaves the bathroom, her revenge fulfilled. Ovi sits at the bottom of the pool a beat, and then swims back up.

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